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Attention all adventure lovers, military history buffs, excitement-junkies, motor-heads and Veterans!

(Wait! Is that redundant?)

Mountain Fox Tank Corps offers you a remarkable experience that is exhilarating, inspiring, educational and even family-friendly!

…a dramatic driving experience
…an amazing shooting range event
…a genuine, authentic “like a reality show” episode, starring YOU.
It’s a totally different once-in-a-lifetime adventure, for you, your friends and family. Passengers are welcome.*

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This map shows you how we are conveniently located between Denver and Colorado Springs. Exact directions available on booking.

Our gun and tank driving ranges are home to an impressive outdoor military vehicle museum that is a must-see for history buffs and military enthusiasts alike. Explore our collection of tanks, trucks, and other vehicles of World War II & post-war fame, and learn about their role in history.

You know we have so much more in store for you than just guns and weaponry! You won’t want to leave the ‘wild west’ of the Colorado grasslands because you haven’t gotten enough of all of that sky that stretches overhead further than you can ever see.

Schedule to try the Hatchet Throw, Archery, Pigeon Shooting (the clay kind, aka Skeet.) Arrange for a picnic, or other gathering. Take all the on-site photos and selfies you want.

Want to do a photo shoot for your company or product, or use our location for filming? Give us a call. 719-761-7937