Roll Over It. Flatten It. Smash It. Hit It Again. They Call It CRUSH Cars for a Reason!

Crush cars? With a Tank? You are not dreaming! You are experiencing 60 minutes of thrilling driving excitement which starts with our outstanding tank driving course and finishes with smashing a car.

Monster crush a car with an 18-ton armored and tracked APC!

Includes 2 laps on the tank course

Come experience something truly extraordinary and add something LARGE to your own story! You can become a force of destruction behind the wheel of a tank, crushing the enemy’s car.

Nothing is more exhilarating than hearing the hood crumple and the glass shatter as you flatten a car with 17 tons of military steel.

One of our tanks!

You will keep pinching yourself, thinking “Will they really let me do this?”

Don’t just stop with one pass through. You can hit the car from every angle to ensure that nothing is left untouched. A once in a lifetime experience and an unparalleled adventure activity.

Share the Crush! Add a second Car Crush driver for $200 which includes a 10 minute Tank Drive (for second driver) and both drivers sharing the crushing duty on one car.

Knife Throwing

Tests your skills in the open hills.

Bow & Arrow Target Shooting

Long bow, compound bow, cross bow
Try them all!

Group and Corporate Events

Mix and match a full day of activities for your group. Talk to us about customizing the experience for you!

Our Vintage Vehicles and Firearms are available for Photo Shoots and Movie Use.

Price upon request.

Vehicles are available by the day

We will deliver with drivers and mechanic as necessary.