Drive WWII Military Vehicles
Cold War Era Tanks

An Extraordinary Driving Experience and Adventure Travel at its Best.



Experience the thrill of driving an authentic military tank or armored personal carrier (APC) rom our museum collection.

We will guide you through operating these massive machines with ease, making for an outdoor adventure you’ll never forget.

“The Fox”


Mountain Fox Tank Corps is located in the grasslands of the scenic Eastern Plains of Colorado in ranch country. Conveniently located between Denver and Colorado Springs,

you will feel like you are on the other side of the world — or maybe on a wind-swept planet in some other galaxy, but with a view of Pikes Peak in the background!

Pikes Peak, Colorado


434 APC


 1943 Halftrack M16

This adventure park is set on 50+ out-of-this-world scenic acres of land with plenty of changes of terrain and rolling trails cutting through the dwarf trees and granite hoodoos popping up in unexpected places.


 Jeep G503


1941 CMP C30

Navigate a tank or APC across the landscape with an adrenaline rush as you trample everything in your path!

Mountain Fox puts you in the middle of the action and directly in the driver’s seat.

Scramble up hills, plow through mud holes, and thunder across straightaways on our half -mile wide open track.

“Green Giant”

1942 CCKW 353 G508 


1943 Kubelwagen (Replica)

“Tiny Tim”

 Dragon Wagon
Currently Under Restoration

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CCKW 352 G508


 Chevy G506 bomb truck


BMW R71 (Clone)


 1945 Trailer

1941 Fiat Staff Car

Unrestored / For Sale
Under Restoration

“The Mog”

Unimog – Coming Fall 2023


Stewart Stevenson


  Weasel – Coming Fall 2023

Who would have thought driving a TANK would be family fun?

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